Hi everyone..

This week I’m here to provide you with a short review of a cute and sweet but also simple little restaurant called Fruition.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was bored while getting my hair done.

I was looking at restaurants on google to add to my fancy dinner bucket list, and, well…

I got hungry.

What a surprise.

So, I decided I would call up my friend and suggest we go check it out.

It’s in a cute little neighborhood about 10 minutes from Downtown Denver in a small and cozy house-like building.

The staff was quiet but, very polite and the service was good — not fast — but not slow.

My friend and I started our meal by sharing the shrimp stuffed deviled eggs. They were scrumptious, and I loved the crunch from the little roasted garlic chip they topped it with.

For my main course I ordered the Striped sea bass which came with: wilted spinach, fish row, and a cream sauce.

I really loved how mild and simple the flavors were in this dish, and while the flavor was simple, the pairing of these ingredients was artistic and complex!

There is definitely a science behind putting the right foods together to make a beautiful dish — and Fruition definitely executed it flawlessly.

If we’re being completely honest, I had a good few bites off of my friends roasted cauliflower and it was also marvelous. It had a lot of curry and it featured a granola-like topping that was quite good.

Last but not least, we split the lemon meringue pie for dessert, and was fabulous as well.

This restaurant is what you would call a hidden gem of Denver. I very much enjoyed my experience here and I would love to go back!

I would rate my overall experience here a 8.5/10.

Shrimp Stuffed deviled eggs.
Striped sea bass.
Roasted cauliflower.
Lemon meringue pie.