Hey sweet things!

It’s your honey here to tell you where to eat next!

I am slowly but surely going to eat at all the restaurants in Denver.

Recently, I had the pleasure of eating at a restaurant in Union Station called Mercantile.

The atmosphere was nice, but not overly fancy.

When I walked in, I was honestly expecting it to look a little bit more… boujee.

I quickly realized that the bougee part of this restaurant is not the décor, but the food.

We got the grilled asparagus salad along with striped bass crudo for appetizers.

The way the striped bass crudo was prepared reminds me of the new style sashimi you may have heard me talk about in my reviews of various sushi restaurants around town.

The way it paired with a jalapeno slice, orange, and coconut was lovely!

The asparagus salad was one for the books.

It was nice and tender, not at all chewy, and it was served with hollandaise sauce that really made the dish special!


Although the apps may have been amazing, they didn’t even come close to preparing me for the main course.

I ordered the Parsley-crusted cod.

On paper, it sounds very simple, but, when I saw it and tasted it… All I can say is that I was blown away.

It was served with caviar beurre blanc, Esoterra spinach, shallot, and a rich/creamy sauce cascaded around it.

The crust on the cod went perfectly with the caviar.

I can’t even begin to describe the foodgasm I had.

Thinking about it now, and looking at the pictures we took during the meal, urges me to call and make a dinner reservation as we speak.

My friend ordered the dry aged duck breast which I didn’t try because it was an extremely small portion.

The duck breast was so little that we ordered the grilled shrimp to go along with our meals.

We topped it all off with a splendid smashed strawberry tart for dessert.

I’m going to go ahead and rate Mercantile a 9.5 out of 10.

The food was amazing, the service was good, the drinks were tasty and it was in this cute little corner of union station.

The only thing that could have made it better? If only the portions were slightly larger.

I would like to add that our waitress warned my friend about the size of the duck breast so we weren’t completely in the dark about it.

Also: I apologize. I didn’t manage to snap a picture of the grilled shrimp or the dessert. I must have been too eager to dig in to remember the reason I was there!

Bottom-line — is mercantile was fucking amazing.

Till next time Honeys!



Asparagus salad.

Striped Bass Crudo.
Parsley-crusted cod.
Duck breast.