Chicken in Pesto Cream Sauce with Rainbow Chard and Cherry Tomatoes

Chicken Pesto

Hey babes!

It’s me.

Back, again.

And this time, for good!

I’ve really missed sharing my recipes with all of you, and I really appreciate anyone who is reading this now.

This recipe turned out wonderfully.

In my opinion, this is what I would call a “well balanced meal“.

Flavorful and nutritional.

I was in a hurry to make dinner for my family the other night, and I wanted to use the pesto we had made that day. We had grown it in our garden with fresh basil with some additional rainbow chard, and I had dreams of cooking it in red wine vinegar with some cherry tomatoes.

I use a red cream sauce for alot of my chicken and pasta (or seafood) recipes so I figured that it’d be fun to try it with pesto.

It was so easy to make and it turned out amazing. So, without further adieu, I give you…

Chicken in pesto cream sauce!

So, a personal preference as far as cooking chicken goes is: lately I have been buying raw chicken tender strips instead of the breast because they are less fatty, they cook faster, and you don’t have to cut them as much.

For this recipe you will need to gather up these ingredients (adjust variables depending on how many people you’re feeding, using pasta or garlic bread as your side is also delicious if that sounds like more your style): Boneless, skinless chicken breast (or tenders, whatever you prefer), salt, pepper, olive oil, pesto, heavy whipping cream, and garlic.

Start by filleting your chicken breasts into thinner pieces, if you are using breasts and season them with salt and pepper on both sides. Add them into a pan at medium heat with 1 tbsp of olive oil and cook for about 5-7 minutes on each side (7-10 if you’re using chicken breast). Set them aside on a plate when you are done.

Add another tbsp of olive oil in to the heated pan, then add 2-4 pieces of minced garlic (or more) and a bunch of cherry tomatoes. Saute for 5 or more minutes until the tomatoes become jammy and soft.

Add 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream, then about 3-4 tbsp of pesto (or more, use personal taste and preference for this part), bring it down to a simmer and salt and pepper it to your liking.

Add your chicken back in to the pan for about a minute and let it warm back up.

Serve up your chicken with whatever side you desire and enjoy the meal!

Thank you so much for reading loves and stay tuned for my weekly recipe posts.