The Capital Grille

Hey sweet honey bee’s!

It’s me, your favorite flower.

Today I’m going to conduct a little review of restaurant called The Capital Grille.

I would put The Capital Grille in the same category as restaurants like Ocean Prime and Ruth’s Chris.

They are all chain steak houses that rappers talk about in there songs.

Although these restaurants are tasty, and some people actually may be dining there to simply enjoy the food, a lot of people go there to flex or stunt by spending $500 dollars on dinner.

It’s the kind of restaurant where you can buy your own whiskey locker with your name on it.

It’s definitely a status symbol to eat there.

That being said, the food was in fact good and our waiter was friendly.

They accommodated me by making my new favorite drink, although it was not on the menu.

To start, we ordered french onion soup and the lobster and crab cakes.

Both of the appetizers were delicious and probably my favorite part of our meal.

For the main course, I ordered the pan seared sea bass with miso butter.

It was an enjoyable plate, but to be honest, it was stunningly average for the price.

We ordered lobster tails on the side which were good but they were dry compared to the ones at ocean prime.

My friend ordered a steak. I cant remember if it was a filet or an NY strip but it was very crispy and charred. Which is fine if you like that, but personally I was not overly impressed.

Like I said, The Capital Grille has a very bougie and upscale vibe, but honestly it wasn’t anything special.

The overall meal was enjoyable enough so I’ll go ahead and rate The Capital Grille a 7/10.

Thanks for listening babes!


French Onion Soup.
Lobster and Crab Cakes.
Sea Bass.
Lobster tails.