Hey Honey’s! I hope everyone had a great week. If you’re in the Denver area and you like sushi, I know an incredible restaurant you can eat at this weekend. Tokio! With it’s delicious food and convenient location right downtown, I don’t see what could go wrong!

One of my favorite trending menu items is the new style sashimi. They have it at many sushi restaurants now and they have it at Tokio. It’s basically just seared sushi. Personally, I think it’s a game changer to most menu’s. It’s simply amazing! When I went to Tokio last weekend, I ordered two different plates of it. The Suzuki Carpaccio (the one with the sprouts) and the Tuna Tataki Sashimi (the one with the jalapenos). The Suzuki Carpaccio is just striped sea bass sashimi with olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper and capers. While the sea bass is mild and not overly fishy, the pepper and other flavors compliment it just right making it an absolute delight to your palate! The Tuna Tataki, topped with ponzu and garlic butter, is my personal favorite item on the menu. It’s so rich in flavor and I love the spice of the jalapenos on top of it. Tokio also has wonderful ramen and sake. I would 10/10 recommend!