Breakfast Tacos With Poached Egg, Arugula, and Honey Goat Cheese.

Lately, I have been noticing that breakfast tacos are kind of a trend right now.

I love both breakfast and tacos, so I put my own spin on it to make a chic morning meal.

Most of the breakfast taco recipes I have seen recently call for scrambled eggs, but just a few days ago I bought the most useful kitchen gadget ever: an egg poacher! So, naturally, I had to incorporate a poached verses scrambled egg into the tacos.

Before I dive into this cute little recipe, I’d like to rave about how incredibly useful this egg poacher is.

The one I have is just a small metal pan that holds three eggs. All you have to do is place the poacher in a large pan and fill it up with just a little water until it is barely touching the bottom of the egg poacher. Then, turn it up to medium heat and cover the pan until the eggs are done.

These tacos are really easy to make — especially if you have that egg poacher.

First, let’s begin with warming the tortillas. You can do that a couple different ways. Since I have a gas stove, my favorite way is to put them directly over the flame and let them get a little crispy. Next I put down a bed of arugula on the little corn tortilla (I used two so that they didn’t fall apart). Then I top it with egg, goat cheese crumbles, salt and pepper, and avocado. I also put a little franks hot sauce on it used the honey goat cheese from Vermont Creamery…..

And voila! You have your tacos!