Sunset Sushi

Toro with Jalapeno and Ponzu

If you cant already tell, my man and I are sushi connoisseurs.

I found Sunset Sushi on google and the food on the website looked both delicious and inexpensive, so, naturally we decided to go check it out right when we got to L.A.

We started our meal with garlic soy edamame and miso soup. The edamame was good and so was the miso soup but it was honestly nothing special.

Next, we had the Toro sashimi which was delicious especially being seared then soaked with ponzu and topped with jalapeno.

Im going to be real here, any Toro is delicious. But, did it melt in my mouth and make me drool? No.

Next up we ordered our nigiri. We got Uni (sea urchin), Sea Bass, and Scallop.

Now this is where things went south. The scallop sushi was not good. Was it absolutely disgusting? No. But, would I eat it again? Definitely not! It was cold, flavorless, and it reminded me of biting through an eraser. The sea bass was tasty but again, nothing special.

The one positive thing I will say is that the uni was fresh, delicious, and flavorful. Over all I would rate this place a 5 out of 10. It was boring and mediocre. If you ever visit or happen to live in L.A and you love sushi, I would not recommend you visit Sunset Sushi.

Nigiri from Sunset Sushi
Nigiri from Sunset Sushi, right to left: Uni, Scallop, Sea Bass