Spruce Farm and Fish

Spruce farm and fish is an upscale restaurant located in the Hotel Boulderado in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Ashton and I went to Farm and Fish about two weeks ago for the first time and we loved it so much that we had to return the following weekend.

We started our meal with the delicious East Coast and West Coast oysters on the half shell.

The West Coast oysters are delicious… But the East Coast oysters are bit more briny and are bigger while costing $0.20 less than that of the West Coast ones. In my opinion, the East Coast are more “bang-for-your-buck“.

The next thing we were given was the “Sea Bass Crudo“, which was so flavorful and appealing that we ordered a second order of it after our meal (it doesnt come with very much)!

For the main course we split the Salmon-Shiitake Risotto. Both times I went to this lovely restaurant I had to get this dish because I have not had a better, crispier salmon anywhere in Boulder.

This happens to be our favorite Boulder-based spot for seafood now, so we hope to see you there on our next visit!

East Coast Oysters on the Half Shell
Salmon-Shiitake Risotto