Bok Choy and Shiitake Stir Fry

This is what I had for dinner tonight.

It’s incredibly simple and healthy.

Simply put: four tablespoons vegetable oil in a heated pan, along with two cloves of garlic with a teaspoon of fresh ginger. Next, add 5 oz. of shiitake mushroom as well as 1 lb. washed and dried Bok Choy with the bulbs cut and separated, combined with the leaves, into the pan.

Cook this for about two minutes, then add some cooking wine (I use a dry Sherry), then cook for another two minutes.

Finally, add a pinch of salt and pepper along with two teaspoons of sesame oil and one tablespoon of soy sauce. Then all you need to do is cook until the greens of the Bok Choy leaves are wilted!

Not only was this an affordable lunch (or dinner), but it was delicious! I really hope to see my readers attempt this simple and elegant recipe for themselves (or even their spouse or partner, I promise they would love it)!